FAILURE is only a temporary change indirection to set you straight
for your NEXT SUCCESS.

NEW ENERGY consciousness

Hi Friends! My name is Sreedhar, Year of Birth 1973. I was practicing my auditing in Hyderabad. I came into Meditation in the month of February 2004. I left my audit practice from June 2007 and started spreading awareness in the people about the NEW ENERGY CONCEPT.

In February 2004, I attended a class and there I was given a pamphlet in which I was attracted towards the 4 principles written in it. These principles are:





I was amazed by the above 4 principles. I got a doubt, am I really a God? Am I creating my own life? If it is real, why I am creating so badly? God and Guru are the highest stages. But how can I become a Doctor? How can I solve my own problems? I don’t even know the names of body parts even till now. But I would like to tell you that all kinds of problems can be solved and everything is possible by implementing my concept. Even Doctors and Scientists are attending to my classes. They are seeking my suggestion to solve their own problems. Now I became Doctor for doctors.

After reading spiritual books, I started doing meditation. I started loving problems & negatives which I used to hate earlier. I started releasing my old beliefs and updated with new beliefs as per my wish & desire. Then I started getting unbelievable and miraculous results in all the areas e.g: Health, Financial, Studies and Relationship issues etc. Now I always stay in Blissful state especially when I have problems/negatives, because I treat problems/negatives as my Teacher, Friend etc. and I gained a vast knowledge through these negatives.

I solved on my own all sorts of problems which I was facing and guiding others also. Since 2007 I am guiding to all including children to solve their problems on their own using this Spiritual Knowledge. All type of health problems Eg: B.P., Sugar, Asthma, Cancer, Eye, Kidney, Lack of children, Thyroid, Skin allergies, Paralysis, Spinal cord, Piles, dental problems etc. got solved & cleared.

I started conducting Work Shops since June 2007, about how to deal with problem, which is based on my personal experiences. After hearing my Audios and attending my seminars, I stared getting good response. During the period January 2009, I had decided to start New Energy Spiritual Movement, and spread my concept globally.

To sum it up, I would like to say is, Knowledge is not static, it is a flow. Experience is knowledge. Knowledge means awareness of the self. Knowing and being with our self. In fact, we are all creators! We came to this earth plane to experience everything and live happily, blissfully. We are all Friends here. We have to realize the truth that we are all Gods. We are all already spiritual beings having human experiences here. Unconditional love and unconditional freedom is the nature of self. We have to realize now that our creations are happening within us. Now the earth is changing rapidly and consciousness is expanding us never before, to live happily and blissfully. We have to adapt to the changing consciousness with the help of updated knowledge. The Fundamental truth which says, `we create our own realities’, so we have to travel within to create whatever we want instead of searching, seeking outside. The time has come to realize the truth that all creations are happening inside, so find out the truth and be the truth. We can solve all our problems from inside out approach, and live always in the Divine moment i.e. in the present state, then everything will follow on its own accord easily.

Bye friends.